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kelly Hrudey"I attended a session with Bob and a group of Midget players tonight. It was a real pleasure to be able to see that there is a program out there that shares such valuable information. The information will help them in more ways than they can imagine. I would highly recommend this program to anyone out there striving for success. Keep up the good work Bob."

Kelly Hrudey

Martin Gelinas

"This program has benefits that will last a lifetime"

Martin Gelinas

"This program is certainly going to send you in the right direction, its going to give you a lot of insight, and its going to answer maybe a lot of questions you haven't answered yourself."
Kevin Willison

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Life Changing Programs

The Secret
This is a great website. It will motivate and it gives you the tools to make all of your dreams come true!

The Four Agreements
This site gives you basic agreements to live by.

Bob Proctor
Bob is very inspirational, his program is life changing.

Sylva Learing Center
Meditation will change the way that you see and act on things forever. I highly recommend it, the Alpha meditation is unbelievable.

bubba and the hammer radio show
This show is hosted by myself and Dave Schultz, we have our guests reveal how they overcame adversity, change and tragedy to achieve their dreams. It is hosted live on Tuesday's at 1pm EST. You can get all of the archived shows at http://www.modavox.com/voiceamerica/vshow.aspx?sid=1539. And make sure to pass it on to someone you know who is struggling, or needs a change in their life.


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